Adian Husaini dan Hermeneutika

Mr Adian already graduated from IIUM-ISTAC with his Ph.D degree.  His thesis titled Critical Reading of the Second Vatican Council’s Documents in the Light of the Ad Gentes and and the Nostra Aetate received “Very Good PhD Thesis”. 

Something that I don’t understand is the fact that Mr. Adian well known for his opponent standing against the use of hermeneutics upon religious text.  Then, it is something weird that he use mostly of hermeneutics method for his disertation.

Let us refer “critical reading” to wiki definition :

Epistemological issues

Basically is critical reading related to epistemological issues. Hermeneutics (e.g., the version developed by Hans-Georg Gadamer) has demonstrated that the way we read and interpret texts is dependent on our “pre-understanding” and “prejudices”. Human knowledge is always an interpretative clarification of the world, not a pure, interest-free theory. Hermeneutics may thus be understood as a theory about critical reading.


The paragraph above explain us that mr. Adian about use Gadamer approach on hermeneutics.  So, what can I say then ?

I love you mr. Adian … :))

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